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A compass for my career | AuthentiCareer

Individual (just the 2 of us) Coaching Program

“My career Compass”

As you are scrolling this website, you are


  • Bored at work
  • Suffering from discrimination  
  • Spinning around in your life like a hamster in a wheel tirelessly (actually tired but if you stop it will be a total mess)
  • Feeling empty and unemotional even towards your beloved ones
  • Dealing with difficult stakeholders and conflicting relations that drain your energy
  • Angry because not acknowledged at work (and it is unfair)
  • Claiming you live the perfect life with the perfect job …. but in the secret of your heart, you are craving for more or different
  • Making people, circumstances, boss, colleagues responsible for your misery ( You became an expert at the ”Blame Game” or ”Poor Thing Me” …  but you know it is not sustainable)
  • Overwhelmed while juggling with your multiple roles
  • Betrayed because after ticking all the boxes of the ”Happiness Guaranteed Perfect Life”, you feel there is something more
  • Wanting to relaunch your career but How ? (knowing that your self confidence rate is below to 5 on a scale from 0 to 10)



    The problem is


    • The lack of time, the challenging work/life balance creating this feeling of guilt or being overwhelmed


    • You simply don’t know where to start


    • You have tried to fix it but do not have enough perspective 


    • It is challenging to be brave or creative on your own

    Reading this, you may think “ OMG, how does she know that ?»

    But still, you think …


    • I don’t have so much time
    • That’s true but in my company I can never be myself
    • The problem here is others
    • I got very few options
    • I could do it alone with the help of one or two self-help books
    • Would I allow myself to invest on my career?

    If you…


    • You had a clear vision of what makes you unique
    • You were able to take a step back and then move forward with more clarity
    • You had a better consciousness of your ‘’Power gaps’’ to overcome them
    • You had the courage to step out of your comfort zone, even a little 
    • Being a step up is always better than being stuck
    • You were able to communicate with a greater impact and influence.

    What you need is a road-map that covers all aspect of women leadership development. We will partner to reveal your “best self”, challenge your boundaries and pursue your career with greater clarity, meaning and authenticity.

    Invest in yourself!

    Be your own leader

    Myself, I invested thousand of euros to become the best coach that I can be. Being a career & leadership coach is not just my job but my life mission. Supporting you in achieving your full potential is what makes me get up every morning!

    It is for you if you… 


    • Want to create a real impact
    • Are able to reassess your ways and change
    • Can think out of the box and take risks
    • Know that change starts with you. If you don’t take action on your own, no one else will do it for you.

    Not for you if …


    • Your job is just a job to provide your bread and day butter income, and it is fine!
    • You feel you have no power to make a change happen
    • Your main motivation in your career is to get social recognition and a prestigious position.

    What you really need

    • Take a step back and have a clear understanding of your unique talents
    • Identify you success criteria and which direction you want to take
    • Identify your ‘’stress triggers’’ and reframe you mindset to tackle challenges that come your way
    • Implement very concrete actions to stimulate or recover your motivation at work or consider a change
    • Acknowledge your own value
    • Know how to say “NO” without feeling guilty
    • Know what you really want and give yourself the means to succeed
    • Communicate with impact.

    Let’s Rock your Career !



    You are the captain and I team up with you to chart a course, adjust the sails, withstand potential storms and navigate the challenges ahead but you are the decision maker.


    I am a certified coach and have 10 years of experience in the field of female careers. +250 hours of coaching training and + 500 hours of individual and group coaching 

    A compass for my career


    A flexible and yet structured individual coaching program to develop your Authentic Self Leadership (between 3 and 6 months)

    An Emotional Intelligence assessment: because “I.Q gets you hired but E.Q gets you promoted.” This test from Multi health System, the Mondial benchmark in the field of E.Q, will assess 5 main competencies: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making Process and Stress Management


    Why an assessment?

    I realized it speeds up the self-awareness process which is a milestone in making change happen

    10 Individual Coaching Sessions by Skype (10h)

    • 1 first discovery coaching session to identify your current situation, your goals and aspirations
    • 1 debrief session on the E.Q assessment, to capitalize on your existing strengths and pay attention on your potential areas of growth
    • 8 follow-up coaching sessions every week or every two weeks to support you in achieving your goals.

    It is a tailored and flexible program, taking your personal needs into account and giving you access to all the resources needed related to the 

    4 Magic C’s 

    4 E-Learning Modules:

    Including workbooks and templates related to the 4 foundations of your authentic career:

    to equip yourself with effective strategies and self-reflection exercises.


    One follow-up session after the end of the coaching program to:

    • Take stock of progress
    • Celebrate your success
    • Identify new steps you can implement on your own


    Access to me via email so you never get stuck from one week to the other and get all the support you need to act beyond your comfort zone.

    Before coaching: Product Manager – After: Senior Product Manager


    Challenge met : regain confidence, be assertive, have a career plan.


    ” The job I had, created a lot of frustration and gaining awareness about it was a milestone. I really needed a change. With Marie, we figured out what I was looking for in a job. I have learned a lot about myself, I dared to do something I thought I were unable to do. I have learned to trust myself, to take a step back from my own perspective and to know myself better. »


    Clémentine – London

    Option 1

    Full payment at once (best option)

    4333€ inclusive VAT

    US or canadian Dollars payments possible

      Option 2

    3 Monthly installments


    Benefits of the program


    Depending on the diagnostic established at the beginning of the coaching program, you might expect to:

    • Relighting your spark and renew motivation at work
    • Crafting your dream of your professional future, by identifying your needs, values, unique talents and implementing a strategy to get there
    • Reducing stress and prevent burn-out and/or loss of meaning
    • Developing self-confidence and pursue your career with more serenity and fulfilment
    • Getting a chance of promotion, position or job best suited to your professional interests
    • Having healthier relationships at work and overcome your fear of confrontation
    • Gaining clarity on who you are and what you want, to free yourself from self-doubt, confusion and inaction.

    Before coaching: Advising HR professional – After: Senior consultant.


    Challenge met: Shift in perspective, develop leadership and grow in her career.


    When I first started coaching with Marie, I was very negative and worried. I wanted to advance in my career and manage a team. I had already sent a hundred resumes left unanswered. Marie helped me to think more positive and reflect on how I was contributing to my company, my clients instead of being self-centred. After a couple of sessions, my work and mindset were better as well as my relationship with my manager… When a company approached me for a Senior Consultant position I didn’t even apply for. I was hired and I am happy to progress and learn. I start thinking that adopting a “growth mindset” brings positive outcomes in your life. »


    Upasna – Kuala lumpur

    This is exactly what I need

    Step 1

    Reserve a meeting session, free and without obligation. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to a questionnaire to complete before the session.

    Step 2

    Once we have met and confirmed we are a good match and which program suits you the best, you will be able to pay safely by bank transfer in one to 5 payment(s) according to the chosen option.

    Step 3

    Upon receipt of the first installment, you will be able to book your first session and i will send you a second questionnaire to complete to begin exploring your goals, expectations and needs. This will save us time to go further in session!

    Q & A

    I don’t know how coaching is helpful to move forward. I feel like it is a sign of weakness to asking for help ?

    I totally understand and it is all about trust, chemistry and intimacy. Therefore, applying for a discovery session is the best way to see if we are a good match for each other. I may consider that I am not the right person to help you and reorient you to someone else. You may consider that I am not the right person to work with and it is perfectly ok. When it comes to share your challenges and hopes, honesty and vulnerability are crucial, and trust is the foundation of an effective partnership.

    How fast can I get results?

    It depends on your commitment and willingness to be an actress of change. The programs last between 2 and 5 months and my coaching style is very hands-on. In addition to our coaching sessions, the workbooks help you to take action between sessions.

    I work full time. Do you work at night/during the weekend?

    I do not work on weekends. However, I sometimes have coaching sessions in the evening (generally on Tuesdays or Wednesday). I am used to work around my clients’ time zones and will adapt to your schedule as much as possible.

    I’d like to start coaching but I am a little bit afraid of making drastic changes I am not ready for...

    My role isn’t to lead you to ready-made solutions, you are the decision-maker. Each decision you make and each action you decide to take, will be determined by you, according to your needs and priorities. In short, you will remain in complete control of the coaching process and of the various changes you will implement.

    I am a man, and I like your coaching approach, is it possible to work together?

    Yes for sure! I have a very organic coaching style. I consider that real change comes with a shift of perspective, the ability to develop self-awareness so it is not just about dealing with a specific situation. I coach men and women who are not just focusing on action but also developing their being. You can also read on the page “Testimonials” what Laurent thinks of my coaching.

    I really want to start coaching but Skype turns me off a little and it is not easy to build relationships this way

    I would really advise you to book a discovery session with me! It’s free and non-binding, and you’ll easily see whether it’s a good fit for you or not. I would also like to emphasize the saving of invaluable time with remote coaching in our hectic day-to-day lives.

    On my part, I am convinced coaching by Skype is effective and totally confident in my ability to help you reach your goals, whether we are in the same room or not.

    I would really like to start a coaching program, but I cannot afford to invest in such a program right now. What would you recommend?

    Money is an energy and I believe that when something really matters to us, money is not the problem. So, it might just be that you are not still ready to make a move and take action on your career or that you don’t know me well enough to invest money and it is perfectly ok!

    We can discuss this together during a free discovery session, which I invite you to book as of now by clicking here. In any case, you can now subscribe to my newsletter or my Facebook page or to connect through LinkedIn. You will already get some tools that can help or inspire you.

    If, for whatever reason, I am compelled to end the program prior to its completion, may I ask for a refund?

    No. On the other hand, if your availability evolves and you feel that you can no longer invest as much as you would have wanted at the outset, at the expense of the quality and efficiency of coaching, we will temporarily suspend the coaching until you may again dedicate yourself to it fully for a period of 6 months maximum.

    It also happens that from the first session, as part of the accompaniment “turbulent zone” you emerge from the blur and you do not need to continue regularly. You keep the benefit of the other three sessions for one year. Read Vanessa’s testimony it happened to.

    Career Challenge


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