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Authenticareer: For Who and Why? | AuthentiCareer

Several months have passed since I launched a survey towards more than 100 hundred professional women. My goal was to deeply understand women professional needs and challenges. Therefore, I would be able to craft coaching programs that really match with what you need

I will offer two different coaching programs with amazing  resources resulting of five years of experience as a women leadership coach.

This newsletter is also an opportunity to tell you more about the FOR WHO and THE WHY of Authenticareer’s mission.



My mission is to help professional women to pursue their career with greater clarity, meaning and authenticity. 

Women who come to me share at least one of these challenges: 

Gaining clarity on their future professional choices. 

Sometimes, you may feel like you don’t fit in here anymore. The question is to know if you are just in a slump and a few adjustments are needed or if you really want to make a significant change.

Building self- confidence and leadership skills
To obtain great career opportunities, you need to develop some key skills as expressing yourself with confidence.  You may need to build up a strong network of people who will be your sponsors in crucial moments. Most often, to make the most of your career, you need to unlock some limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering ones. 

Taking care of themselves

By setting boundaries, managing work relationships in a way which is productive and not an energy drainer. I also have many clients who have what I call the ”High achiever syndrome”. Their motto could be ”More, better, faster”. They are always looking for the next challenge. They develop an addiction to work and are in need of constant successes to feel good about themselves …. and it is exhausting!  And you can not go on this way for ever! 

My mission is to make executive coaching accessible to women who need right now to design a strategy for their career. Nevertheless, these high-potential women do not have access to executive coaching within their company. 



Because I really think women can make a positive change in the workplace. A few surveys like ”Women matter” from Mac Kinsey Consultancy have shown that more women in leadership positions lead to a better performance.
More women contribute to the emergence of a more balanced workplace, which benefits both men and women. 

Because women are often driven by a search for meaning and contribution which inspires me.

Because my own career and life’s path led me to develop a passion for helping women to pursue their career with clarity and confidence. I worked almost 10 years in the corporate world, launched a professional women’s network and contributed to women careers’ successes through coaching, mentoring and training. 

And last but not least, I have been coaching for almost 5 years and all the people who came to me were women … and just one man. Funny, isn’t it?

I want to thank you for your contribution and your support!



Marie Dancer is a Women Career & Leadership coach who helps professional women to pursue their career with greater clarity, meaning and authenticity. She also work s for organisations which want to develop a trust building culture, trust being the bridge between business needs for results and human needs for connection.