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Building trust in the workplace | AuthentiCareer

Building trust in the workplace

As a corporate organisation, are you experiencing…


  • Lack of engagement or commitment?
    Lack of innovation and change initiatives?
  • Department working in silos and not collaborating effectively for the sake of the company’s mission and vision?
  • Fast-paced growth that put your team cohesion at risk?

Of course you have engaged team building workshops, 360 degrees assessments or anything else to develop leaderships, engagement and innocation but actually you are not yet where you would like your organisation be in order to:


  • Deepen engagement
  • Optimize teamwork
  • Create change initiatives
  • Build leadership effectiveness
  • Develop vibrant cultures
  • Gain exceptional results

You are still looking for the missing piece… and this one might be Trust

“Trust is the bridge between the business need for results and the human need for connection.”

Michelle Reina

In a volatile, uncertain workplace, there is no opportunity for innovation, flexibility and adaptability and so performance if trust is not firmly anchored.

Supported by the scientific-based model of the Reina Team trust scale assessments™, the result of 25 years of research, I am a certified Trust building practitioner and have been trained by the co-founders Mr Dennis and Michelle Reina.


  • Do you know what people most need from you to feel engaged and be accountable?
  • How would a rebuilt trust be beneficial to your overall performance as a leader?
  • Do you know how to make trust effectively actionable in your team?


The Reina’s have designed the dimensions of Trust and what are the specific behaviours that build Trust or break Trust. If you want to take an innovate approach to building a more effective, engaged and healthy organisation, you might want where Trust stands in your organisation because it is foundational to any significant change or growth.

The Reina Trust Scale Assessments help you to


  • Know where Trust stands : Assessing trust raises awareness of how specific behaviours influence trust
  • Know what action to take: Trust begins with everyone supported to take responsibility
  • Make Results sustainable: You just don’t want to build trust. You want to sustain it.
  • Achieve concrete results
  • Below are samples of concrete results that people and teams have achieve through leveraging data to take focused trust building action (Reina’s data)
    • 25% increase of employee engagement within 9 months
    • 9 point increase in employee engagement in less than a year
    • $1M saved in strategic planning efforts through efficiency
    • 17% increase in sales.
What our clients say…

We engaged Marie Dancer in the context of solidifying our executive team. Following her recommendation, our executive team completed the Reina trust assessment’’ under her supervision. During this session, our team identified what action to take, how to leverage strengths and address vulnerabilities to improve trust.

Marie demonstrated the ability to tease out insights from the participants, create a safe environment to encourage direct and constructive communication. She is able to manage senior level teams and the inherent challenges it poses in a very productive and meaningful way.


Paul Thomas Kannimel CHRO Seek Asia

I have known Marie Dancer for almost 2 years and during this period, I have known her as a person of high integrity, passionate about people development, very diligent and responsible in whatever she does, and a wonderful associate to work with. We have engaged her as our facilitator and coach for developing and solidifying our team using the Reina team trust assessment and we had a follow- up session with her and partner.


Her facilitation was very good and she was able to identify and adapt the needs of the current team, using appropriate tools which result in very positive outcome for our team growth and breakthrough. Theo Wong CEO / Director of Organization & Talent Development.


Fish Camp Learning Sdn Bhd

FOR MORE INFORMATION: To explore bringing Trust work to your organization, and for more information about fees, schedules and tailoring a program to your needs, email marie[a]authenticareer[dot]com

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