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5 powerful ways to speak up for yourself

  I guess we all have heard that women need to sit at the table and speak up for their own sake, to look powerful, self-confident and in control. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. Sure, it would be wonderful if we could speak up without any filter, but...

3 TED Talks to watch and get inspired in your career

How frustration can make us more creative? Tim Ford Frustration is a draining emotion – it stifles our creativity, builds up unwanted angst and makes us fell unfulfilled and irrationally irritated. Or does it? In this TED talk, Tim Harford argues the case that...

3 ways job crafting can change your work and career

What would your ideal work day look like? How would you describe your current job? Is it just a day-to-day routine and you are longing for the week-end every single week? Or, at the opposite, you think ”I just love my job”!  If it is the first one,...

Authenticareer: For Who and Why?

Several months have passed since I launched a survey towards more than 100 hundred professional women. My goal was to deeply understand women professional needs and challenges. Therefore, I would be able to craft coaching programs that really match with what you need...

Five ways to screw up your career

Today I’d like to share with you a few pitfalls I encounter coaching female professionals and I must say I can see the same patterns over and over. So, why talking about the best ways to screw up your career instead of the best ways to move it up? Because I have been...

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