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Coaching Get out of the Turbulent Zone | AuthentiCareer

2-months coaching program

“Getting out the Turbulent zone”

Before you came across this website, you…


  • Are going through a tough time or are experiencing a professional transition
  • Have always been committed to your career but NOW, you feel you are in the wrong place
  • Feel in complete confusion and/or loss of meaning and self-confidence
  • Make decisions ( « I want to find a job elsewhere », « I am taking a sabbatical », « It is no longer tolerable » ) but DO NOT act by yourself.
So temporary crisis or more than that?

In time of professional crisis, we might…


  • Not make the right decision
  • Take whatever job comes your way just to flee from your current situation
  • Stay and affect your mental health and your overall well-being
  • Settle for less, suffer from toxic behaviors and really lose sight of what makes you special.

Reading this, you may think “ This is what I need »



  • I don’t have so much time
  • That’s fine but in my company I can never be myself
  • The problem here is others
  • I have very few options
  • I could do it alone with the help of one or two self-help books
  • Would I allow myself to invest on my career?

If you were able to…


  • Have a true space to be listed without any judgment or all-made solutions
  • Take a step back from what creates confusion, conflict
  • Identify and change thoughts and behaviours that do not help you to be at your best
  • Shift from ruminating on the problem to focusing on solution.

In this process, I am your partner to reveal yourself, challenge the current situation and provide a structure to get out of this turbulent zone.

Invest in yourself

because the solution is not in the problem but in yourself!

Myself, I invested thousand of euros to become the best coach that I can be. Being a career & leadership coach is not just my job but my life mission. Supporting you in achieving your full potential is what makes me get up every morning!

What you really need


  • Pause and take a step back from a situation that is a source of turmoil and confusion.
  • Identify immediate actions or ways of thinking to quickly feel “better”
  • Change your perception of a situation to recover some mental energy
  • Identify your stress factors and develop a more constructive way of thinking.

In crisis situations, I developed this coaching program ‘’Getting out of my Turbulent Zone” using the solution-focused brief coaching model developed by Solution Surfers. The specificity of this coaching is to create a structure where we focus on solutions and not problems.

“There is no connection between the problem and the solution.»

Steve de Shazer

Problem coaching model
versus solution-focused brief coaching model

Problem Coaching

Problem talk


Present situation

Solution-focused brief coaching model

Solution talk




Coaching Focus Solution


Vision of the future

Solution-focused brief coaching model
Introducing “Getting out of the Turbulent zone” Coaching

A 2- months individual coaching program to shift your perspective
and seize this crisis as an opportunity for a positive change.

An in-depth questionnaire to clarify your goals, what changes you want to see on a short period of time.

An Emotional Assessment because “I.Q gest you hired but E.Q gets you promoted”.

This assessment from Multi Health System, the mondial benchmark in the field of E.Q will assess 5 main competencies :  Self -Perception, Self Expression, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making Process and Stress Management. 

4 hours of Individual Coaching Sessions (Skype)

  • 4 60 minutes sessions to assess progress, explore new avenues of solutions.
  • The goal is to get the head out of the water quickly and put in place actions that will allow you to regain control and no longer feel powerless.

It is a tailored and flexible program, taking your personal needs into account and giving you access to all the resources needed.

 E-Learning Modules

Including workbooks and templates related to one of the 4 Magic C’s:


  • To equip yourself with effective strategies and self-reflection exercises.


Access to me via email so you never get stuck from one week to the other and get all the support you need to act beyond your comfort zone.

Option 1

Full payment at once (best option)

1020 €

(instead of 1080€)

Option 2

Monthly installments

2 x 540€

(Total 1080€)

Before coaching: Job seeker – After: Planning Engineer.


Challenge met: Selling her transferable skills from the automotive industry to the aeronautics industry.


I needed to regain self confidence in the context of my job search. I wanted to clarify my expectations and my elevator pitch and feel legitimate by doing it. It was about being able to answer a simple and obvious question I feared the most “What kind of job are you looking for?”. Marie has this incredible ability to translate my thoughts in a simple and structured way. Everything seems much clearer when she says it! »


Justine- Kuala Lumpur


Benefits you can expect:

  • A shift of mindset
  • Get out of your perpetual questioning and doubts
  • Clarify your needs in terms of professional development or progression
  • AND above all, TAKE ACTION, the key to regaining the feeling of making choices and no longer suffering from circumstances

Not for you?


  • You think change is not your responsibility but your organisation, boss or colleagues’ ones
  • Actually, you really enjoy the ”Poor Me” thing and are a master of the ”Blame Game” ( I don’t play it anymore)
  • There is no other way but waiting for better times
  • You are not really going through a difficult time but need to develop a vision for your career. I recommend you to visit “My career compass” coaching program.

For you?


  • You can challenge yourself in order to better rebound
  • You carry out part of your responsibility in the undergone situation
  • You are willing to step out of the box, even a little or to change course.


Before coaching: education program coordinator – After: Compliance officer


Challenge met: Clarifying future professional choices.


I really enjoyed my time working with Marie-Laure. She created a coaching space that made me feel comfortable to be vulnerable and honest with myself. She asked great questions that helped shift my perspective and helped hold me accountable to my goals. I highly recommend Marie. She was truly wonderful! »


Clare – New York

This is exactly what I need

Step 1

Reserve a meeting session, no strings attached. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to a questionnaire to complete before the session.

Step 2

Once we have met and confirmed we are a good match and which program suits you the best, you will be able to pay safely by bank transfer in one to 5 payment(s) according to the chosen option.

Step 3

Upon receipt of the first installment, you will be able to book your first session and I will send you a second questionnaire to complete to begin exploring your goals, expectations and needs. This will save us time to go further in session!

Q & A

I don’t know how coaching is helpful to move forward. I feel like it is a sign of weakness to asking for help ?

I totally understand and it is all about trust, chemistry and intimacy. Therefore, applying for a discovery session is the best way to see if we are a good match for each other. I may consider that I am not the right person to help you and reorient you to someone else. You may consider that I am not the right person to work with and it is perfectly ok. When it comes to share your challenges and hopes, honesty and vulnerability are crucial, and trust is the foundation of an effective partnership.

How fast can I get results?

It depends on your commitment and willingness to be an actress of change. The programs last between 2 and 5 months and my coaching style is very hands-on. In addition to our coaching sessions, the workbooks help you to take action between sessions.

I work full time. Do you work at night/during the weekend?

I do not work on weekends. However, I sometimes have coaching sessions in the evening (generally on Tuesdays or Wednesday). I am used to work around my clients’ time zones and will adapt to your schedule as much as possible.

I’d like to start coaching but I am a little bit afraid of making drastic changes I am not ready for.

My role isn’t to lead you to ready-made solutions, you are the decision-maker. Each decision you make and each action you decide to take, will be determined by you, according to your needs and priorities. In short, you will remain in complete control of the coaching process and of the various changes you will implement.

I am a man, and I like your coaching approach, is it possible to work together?

Yes for sure! I have a very organic coaching style. I consider that real change comes with a shift of perspective, the ability to develop self-awareness so it is not just about dealing with a specific situation. I coach men and women who are not just focusing on action but also developing their being. You can also read on the page “Testimonials” what Laurent thinks of my coaching.

I really want to start coaching but Skype turns me off a little and it is not easy to build relationships this way

I would really advise you to book a discovery session with me! It’s free and non-binding, and you’ll easily see whether it’s a good fit for you or not. I would also like to emphasize the saving of invaluable time with remote coaching in our hectic day-to-day lives.

On my part, I am convinced coaching by Skype is effective and totally confident in my ability to help you reach your goals, whether we are in the same room or not.

I would really like to start a coaching program, but I cannot afford to invest in such a program right now. What would you recommend?

Money is an energy and I believe that when something really matters to us, money is not the problem. So, it might just be that you are not still ready to make a move and take action on your career or that you don’t know me well enough to invest money and it is perfectly ok!

We can discuss this together during a free discovery session, which I invite you to book as of now by clicking here In any case, you can now subscribe to my Newsletter or my Facebook page or to connect through LinkedIn. You will already get some tools that can help or inspire you.

If, for whatever reason, I am compelled to end the program prior to its completion, may I ask for a refund?

No that is not possible. On the other hand, if your availability evolves and you feel that you can no longer invest as much as you would have wanted at the outset, at the expense of the quality and efficiency of coaching, we will temporarily suspend the coaching until you may Again dedicate yourself to it fully for a period of 6 months maximum.

It also happens that from the first session, as part of the accompaniment “turbulence zone” you emerge from the blur and you do not need to continue regularly. You keep the benefit of the other three sessions for one year. Read Vanessa’s testimony it happened to.

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