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Diversity and women leadership programs | AuthentiCareer


Helping Organizations support  Success, Engagement

 and Leadership Growth of their female workforce

  • Understand and explore their current professional and career challenges
  • Discover effective solutions to their most important issues
  • Connect with sponsors, supporters and mentors that will support them on their career path
  • Identify their short- and long-term career and leadership visions and goals and create a plan to achieve them.


The goal of this program is to help talented, engaged career women find new solutions to their key challenges so that they may grow personally and professionally throughout their careers, and attain their highest levels of efficacy, engagement and productivity in their lives and work.

The most powerful long-term benefit of this program is that it supports inclusion and diversity, and aids organizations in balancing their leadership, managerial and support teams with talented, committed women.

Depending on your needs and the profile of your female managers, we will provide tailored workshops on these different topics:


  • Developing your leadership identity
  • Developing your leadership Presence
  • Leadership tools for women: Developing your negotiation skills, assertiveness within the workplace, “Raising” your hand, responding to conflict setting boundaries, developing your network.


Marie Dancer is one of a kind. She is a leadership Coach who digs deep and a wonderful mentor. I had the chance of attending Marie’s leadership workshop and she is detail oriented, she takes the time to understand her participants and tailor programmes. She has helped her mentees overcome mindset blocks and enabled them to move forward.






We will not achieve Inclusion and Diversity if we don’t engage men on board. AuthentiCareer provides workshops on different topics to engage both men and women in change:

  • The benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Unveiling unconscious biases
  • Promoting corporate endeavours for a more diverse workplace



FOR MORE INFORMATION: To explore bringing Marie’s Career Growth/Leadership Training Series and Marie’s executive and leadership coaching programs for emerging women leaders to your organization, and for more information about fees, schedules and tailoring a program to your needs, email marie[a]authenticareer[dot]com

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