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My methodology | AuthentiCareer

ONE GOAL : Developing your authentic self leadership

Women’s career development has been at the core of my coaching business for several years. It is my focus, so I have some experience in this matter. Myself, I have been working in several corporate organizations, mainly in the banking industry.

I have not only experienced the challenges but also did research, run a Women empowerment NGO for several years attended events, interviewed women and coached dozens of women, so I know what it is about.

My goal is not to empower you because I am quite tired with this literature about empowering women, which literally means to give power to… It sounds a little bit passive, doesn’t it? I am not here to empower you because you are already powerful. My role as a coach is to support you in taking an active role in your future, by owning the power you already have. You already have the qualities and skills it takes to get ahead in the corporate world and that you have more power and potential than you realize.

My coaching has one goal and it is how to leverage your existing power to advance in your career in ways that play out your strengths, talents and vision. And if it is not in the company you are currently working in, fine, you are not a tree, you can move!

AuthentiCareer’s methodology

I created AuthentiCareer to help professional women who want to pursue their career with greater clarity, meaning and authenticity. I help them to gain clarity about their future professional choices, to overcome challenges in their workplace and to realign what they do with who they are.

I am a credential coach by International Coaching Federation, got 200 hours of coaching training and logged more than 400 hours of coaching. I am also certified in Emotional Intelligence assessments (E”Q 200 and 360 by Multi Health Society and in Solution-focused Coaching.


Working with me, it is giving yourself the chance to be your authentic and blissful maker by strengthening 4 main Foundations:

The ” 4 Magic C’s”





Clarity of your unique talents, abilities, skills, what gives you energy. It is also your ability to take a step back from your beliefs and perspective in a challenging situation or before challenging people. It requires to gain self awarenness of your disempowering thoughts and limiting beliefs.  

Confidence is nurtured by Clarity and also your ability to believe you can change the results 

Courage  to take your place, to stop overthinking and take action with confidence and clarity because you KNOW why you are getting out of your comfort zone

Connection with yourself, emotions and needs on a constructive way. It is also Connection with people who will help you to achieve your aspirations. No one can succeed on his own !

The 4 Magic’s C is a incremental process




Authentic Career



The four foundations to live an AuthentiCareer


What makes you special? What is your brilliance zone which creates impact and influence. It is the place where you excel and derive fulfillment.

It is also gaining awareness of how you create your interpretation of facts impacts your emotions, behaviors and therefore results.

We all have beliefs, some of them help us to achieve results and some others prevents us from achieving what we want : What are yours ?



It is not just Self-confidence that you will enhance by having clarity on your talents, abilities and accomplishments.

Confidence is also shifting your mind from the problem to Solutions.

It is developing a Mindset focusing on what could be achieved because it is in your power instead of focusing and not circumstances or people being a ”pain in the neck”.

Do you want to stop playing the ”Blame Game” ?



 With yourself and others

Do you know that your inner chat is perceived by others ? The way you talk to you has an impact on how people perceive you.

You need to be brave and communicate boldly. It is about expressing your thoughts and needs while respecting other people’s feelings. If you want to communicate with impact, you need to do it with yourself.

Taking action 

When you have courage, you do ”scaring” things, it is the only way to progress. You stop the ”overthinking” thing and step out of your comfort zone. There is no other way



Connection starts with you 

” How connected are you with your feelings and thoughts?” I will help you to develop emotional awareness so you are not anymore driven or overwhelmed by your feelings. 

What is next, what direction to go? You need a compass to make the rights choices and to create a supportive network of people that will help you to achieve the desired outcomes.


Once you identified your strengths, how you really contribute, you need to make it visible through your resume and LinkedIn profile. Let’s work together !


How does it work?

Knowing the path and taking action step-by-step, is quite different

What it is not:

  • To teach you what to do
  • To tell you what direction to take
  • To correct the mistakes of the past
  • To play it by ear without any process, any goal and see what could possibly happen.


What it is:

  • An equal partnership in which we proceed to your ideal job crafting and who you want to be in your career
  • A step by step process where you specifically identify your goals and realistic achievements
  • A non judgmental space where you will be truly listened
  • An ‘’awakening’’ path to understand yourself better and solve internal conflicts
  • An accountability contract or how to convert an intention into concrete action.

AuthentiCareer’s Pros:


  • My structured coaching approach, result of years of experiences in female careers’ challenges
  • My zone of brilliance as a coach: Positive energy, intuition, clarifying emotional turmoil, my compassion and empathy… but also my ability to challenge you, so you take a chance to get out of your comfort zone
  • Workbooks with resources to support you between coaching sessions
  • A flexible process taking into account what is your main focus now.

Which program to choose?

You really want to make a long lasting change that will not just impact your career but your whole life  

You are looking for a ”quick fix” to find ways to overcome deadlock or just want to experience if coaching is the right fit for you

Which program to choose?

You really want to make a long lasting change that will not just impact your career but your whole life

You are looking for a ”quick fix” to find ways to overcome deadlock or just want to experience if coaching is the right fit for you

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