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Before coaching: Product Manager – After: Senior Product Manager


Challenge met : Regaining confidence, being assertive, having a career plan.


The job I had, created a lot of frustration and gaining awareness about it was a milestone. I really needed a change. With Marie, we figured out what I was looking for in a job. I  learned a lot about myself, I dared to do something I thought I was unable to do. I learned to trust myself, to take a step back from my own perspective and to know myself better. »


Clémentine – London

Before coaching: Deciding about a new position while having two proposals. – After: choosing the best option to have greater impact and visibility




” I quickly benefited from my engagement with Marie. As a leadership coach, she has the rare ability to listen, quickly diagnose and address the root of an issue. I personally felt at ease and able to open up, critically self-reflect and most important—execute a meaningful action plan. Marie creates the environment to quickly break through barriers (emotional, mental, etc.) and reach a desired result. »


Lynn – US

Before : Career Break – After coaching: President of Lean In Malaysia and Consultant


Challenge met: Relaunching her career and renewing self-confidence.


« I had the opportunity to work with Marie on my goals at a timewhen I was working towards a career relaunch. Her insightful questions helped me think more specially, identify my needs more accurately, and see solutions more clearly. Every session with Marie left me with more insight about myself and a sense of empowerment with which I was able to seize the right opportunity to relaunch my career. Marie has a gift of connecting with clients. »


Aysha – Kuala Lumpur

Before coaching: Advising HR professional – After: Senior consultant.


Challenge met: Shifting in perspective, developing leadership and growing in her career


When I first started coaching with Marie, I was very negative and worried. I wanted to advance in my career and manage a team. I had already sent a hundred resumes left unanswered. Marie helped me to think more positive and reflect on how I was contributing to my company, my clients instead of being self-centred. After a couple of sessions, my work and mindset were better as well as my relationship with my manager…

When a company approached me for a Senior Consultant position I didn’t even apply for. I was hired and I am happy to progress and learn. I start thinking that adopting a “growth mindset” brings positive outcomes in your life. »


Upasna – Kuala lumpur

Before coaching: Job seeker– After: Planning Engineer.


Challenge met: Selling her transferable skills from the automotive industry to the aeronautics industry.


I needed to regain self confidence in the context of my job search. I wanted to clarify my expectations and my elevator pitch and feel legitimate by doing it. It was about being able to answer a simple and obvious question I feared the most “What kind of job are you looking for?». Marie has this incredible ability to translate my thoughts in a simple and structured way. Everything seems much clearer when she says it! »


Justine- Kuala Lumpur

Before coaching: education program coordinator – After: Compliance officer


Challenge met: Clarifying future professional choices.


I really enjoyed my time working with Marie-Laure. She created a coaching space that made me feel comfortable to be vulnerable and honest with myself. She asked great questions that helped shift my perspective and helped hold me accountable to my goals. I highly recommend Marie-Laure. She was truly wonderful! »


Clare – New York

Before coaching: Confused about his career options – After: Clarity on his next move


Challenge met : Clarifying future professional choices


I have been working with Marie for 6 months on a general statement about my career and the best way to grow it in Malaysia and abroad. Thanks to her excellent analytical skills and her very precise and relevant questioning I finally found about what I want my career to be and where I want to go. Thanks to Marie Laure I am now on a path that corresponds to me. My plan and the means to reach them are clear and I am ready to reach my career goals. I highly recommend Marie-Laure’s expertise to anyone who wants to drive his/her career in a path of ambitions and self-realization. »


Laurent – Kuala Lumpur

Before coaching: Lack of self-confidence and clarity – After: Engagement in new projects




I feel lucky that I have worked with Marie-Laure. I faced a challenging period when I started working with her and she made me understand that the power was in my hands… Her listening skills, tools and encouragement helped me to earn self confidence and to pursue my goals. Thanks for your help!”



Amélie – Kuala Lumpur


” I had an incredible session with Marie and she literally talked me through what was holding me back. She knew the perfect questions to ask so I was able to realise why I was so hesitant to launch my business idea. I knew that something was holding me back but whenever I tried to understand why, I could never figure it out so I procrastinated over it. In just one session, I literally had a ‘’Ah-ah’’ moment and I realised my fears were just ‘’that’’ and I was able to push them aside. I remember I was absolutely beaming and I felt so free at the realisation.

Marie was extremely focused with her prompts and questions and genuinely listened to my responses so she could go on to ask even more thought provoking questions. She gave me the confidence I need to pull my business off. After meeting with her, I’ve had two jobs and one coming up next week. She is amazing to talk to. »


Vanessa – Taipei

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