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The four foundations to living a successful and fulfilling career | AuthentiCareer
Women’s career development has been at the core of my coaching business for several years. It is my focus, so I have some experience in this matter. Myself, I have been working in several corporate organizations, mainly in the banking industry. I have not only experienced the challenges but also did research, ran a Women empowerment NGO for several years, attended events, mentored women in different programs, interviewed them and coached dozens of women, so I know what it is about. When women experience struggle in their career’s journey, most often there are four critical areas of lack: 1)  Lack of self-awareness (of how powerful and amazing they really are) 2)   Lack of vision (of what they really want to do and how to get there) 3)   Lack of a positive and healthy belief, mindset that can support a satisfying life 4)   And, finally, a lack of bravery to speak up and stand up BOLDLY for yourself. My goal is not to empower women because I am quite tired with this literature about empowering them, which literally means to give power to… It sounds a little bit passive, doesn’t it? I am not here to empower them because women are already powerful. My role is to support them in taking an active role in their future, by owning the power they already have. They already have the qualities and skills it takes to get ahead in the corporate world. Women have more power and potential than they realize.

The four foundations you need to work on NOW!

The four foundations to live a successful and fulfilling career and that you really need to sharpen if you want to inspire as a leader and thrive as an individual are the following:

1. Identifying your ‘’Amazing me’’ What makes you special? What is your brilliance zone which creates impact and influence? It is the ability to respect and accept your strengths and weaknesses and to choose to capitalize on what makes you amazing. It is the place where you excel and derive fulfillment.


2. Building a healthy and solution-focused mindset: The way we think has a tremendous impact on our results. So, reframing our mindset is often crucial to achieve meaningful results. We all have limiting beliefs, distorted perceptions that prevent us from making a change happen or improve what matters to us. Gaining awareness on these biases is the only way to get rid of them and thrive with ease. It is about having self-confidence and not just about feeling worthy but also feeling the ability to step out our comfort zone and experience new things and consider potential failure as a


First Attempt In Learning


3. Communicating with authenticity and influence: We need to be brave and communicate boldly. It is about expressing your thoughts and needs while respecting other people’s feelings. Communicating is also setting boundaries to preserve our energy, dealing with difficult stakeholders. When we learn how to communicate effectively, magic happens.


4. Crafting a personal vision for your professional future: What is next, what direction to go? You need a compass to make the rights choices and to create a supportive network of people once you know who you are, that you have the right mindset and have shown how influential you are.

P.S. I’d love to hear which of the four foundations resonates most with you right now. Which one(s) do you want to take to the next level? Please let me know.

Marie Dancer is a Women Career & Leadership coach who helps professional women to pursue their career with greater clarity, meaning and authenticity. She also work s for organisations which want to develop a trust building culture, trust being the bridge between business needs for results and human needs for connection.

My name is Marie and I support women who want to be successful in their professional career while thriving as an individual. Through coaching, they are growing by identifying their unique talent and building up their impact and influence. Women authentic leadership is about finding the right balance between empathy and self-affirmation, ambition and self-care.

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